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"As an author my purpose is to bring light into darkness and make people ponder for themselves".

Parsa Peykar

The Bird From the Kingdom of Heaven

Originally published in English in 2019, The Bird from the Kingdom of Heaven is a book written by Parsa Peykar with the partnership of two inmates, Adrian B. and Damian H. which currently has been translated and published in Spanish and Farsi. The book is available worldwide.

Bird from the Kingdom of Heaven Cover copy.jpeg

Truth: The Way to Liberation

In his writing, The Republic, Plato paints out the reality of our world in his famous allegory called the Cave. Imagine a cave with a large number of people trapped in it.The prisoners are chained at the end of the cave and what they see in front of their eyes is only the wall at the end of the cave.These prisoners have been living like this all their lives, and they have never turned their heads for a moment and can see nothing but the wall in front of them and only see the shadows...

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The Unforgivable Life

The path of destruction always starts with the lack of understanding one’s reason for being and experimenting with life instead of living with definite purpose. All it takes is a single moment of discovery and transformation — passing from guilt to greatness, vanity to purpose and death to life...

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