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Greatness Therapy™

"To help athletes become top performers and develop mental strength to perform at the highest level".

3 Steps Strategy:

1- Setting Vision

Life path uniquely created through the first

session with the partnership of psychotherapist by developing a vision statement.

2- Crafting A Story

Helping the athlete to come up with a story based on their vision. It includes the written story and visual presentation as a vision board.

3- Consultation 

The athlete meets online for 45minutes per session weekly to track their progress and get mental coaching and consultation.

About Greatness Therapy™

Greatness Therapy™ is a formula developed by Parsa Peykar in helping athletes to maximize their potential. The formula is based on Narrative Therapy, a psychological approach that seeks to adjust the stories one tells about one’s life in order to bring about positive change and create an alternative reality for their lives.  Narrative Therapy approach considers people the experts on their own lives and helps one to live their desired goals.

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