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Inter-Are Triangle™ (IAT)


About the 

The way to master anything in life is to set right priorities, concentrate on few important goals and put daily discipline to cultivate and manage each one of them; Inter-Are triangle™  is a method to achieve exactly that. It is an effective formula to bring meaning, success and purpose to one’s life. In this method, everything is based on the number three, but they are much more into it.

Inter-Are Triangle™  is a coaching method consists of three practical parts in setting up three different yet related goals through the IAT formula:

          I- Information     A- Activity       T- Team Up                                                                                 

Setting up three related goals and applying each one through IAT Method makes a person’s time valuable, establish a clear vision for one’s life and lastly, bring their potential into a life of purpose.

First step is starting with a clear vision statement including one’s clear image of his or her destiny, uniqueness and area of serving to the world. Next is applying the formula by first having the right information and studying daily; second, an act or “daily step” toward every assigned goal and lastly, teaming up with a coach or mentor who is supportive in your success. The Formula applies for six days a week, for one day as a complete rest.

Inter-Are Triangle™ is meant to bring meaning, purpose and order to your daily life and help you realize your unique treasures through your triangle.

Contact us for a free workshteet on how to set up goals by applying Inter-Are Triangle™.

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